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The trimmer takes raw material, bucks from stem, then manicures the bud by trimming the sugar leaves, water leaves, and crow’s feet. Good candidates for this position carry the skills listed: must have an eye for detail, sit or stand for long periods, remain focused, and have a team spirit.

The role of cultivator involves ensuring proper lighting, nutrient levels are accurate, gives care when needed, transplants, mends soil with various materials, trellis, and performs light construction. The skills a cultivator has are weather enduring, lift more than 50 pounds, punctual and has a green thumb.

Pesticide Tech
Safely sprays or inoculates the substance to prevent mold, fungus, bugs, and predators. Must have some knowledge in chemistry and biochemistry. Candidate has a good idea of predatory insects, bacteria, fungus and chemicals. The skills a good Pesticide Tech has are that they are safe, reliable, consistent, and have a good eye for detail.

Security Guard
Check ID’s, monitor dispensaries/manufacturing facilities, and go with owners to bank. A good Security Guard has the following skills: certification, trustworthy, observant, and safe.

Laboratory Techs
Every product before entering the collective needs to be tested. More labs will be opening as the regulators make it safer for end users. If you enjoy the science of cannabis this is a good spot to consider. Responsibilities are ensuring the product is absent of any mold, pesticides, heavy metals, compound levels, and potency.

This is one of the highest paying jobs in the industry. This sensitive process involves an acute attention to detail and understanding of chemistry. Most processes involve CO2 or Butane. A good understanding of chemistry, process analysis, and consistency is a must.

Administrative Positions
These positions can range from Project Managers to Receptionists.  Other positions can include HR, tracking or compliance.