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About Rogue Staffing

Rogue Staffing is dedicated to hiring individuals for all areas of the Cannabis industry.  Our team specializes in servicing the commercial cannabis, industrial hemp, and medical marijuana industries. We allow companies the flexibility to hire on demand, use our payroll services, or simply to help cover the peaks and valleys of a business that is experiencing rapid growth and taking the nation by storm.

Rogue Staffing has a team of individuals that come from various backgrounds around the staffing world.  We have learned after 30 years of staffing experience how to become highly effective in keeping our client’s demands met, as well as making sure that our employees have a great place to work.

Our belief is to always put the clients and employees first.  We provide our employees with benefits, 401k, and weekly pay through direct deposit. We offer our clients the flexibility to increase or decrease their labor force on an as needed basis. 

So we encourage everyone to give us a call, to either meet your staffing needs or to gain employment in the up and coming cannabis industry.

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